3D 5.5″ Black Foam Polishing/Finishing Pad


3D’s finest finishing pad is the standard of High Definition. This exceptional black foam defies what a typical soft finishing foam is capable of. With its unique patented Spider-Cut technology and any 3D polish, this pad will remove light to moderate paint defects while providing a superior High Definition finish. The special cell structure and Spider-Cut design reduces the heat of the surface, eliminating the possibility of holograms, and increases the life of the pad. Once you’ve “finished” your glass-like shine with the K-56SBK you will be finished using any other pad.


3D 5.5″ Black Foam Polishing/Finishing Pad

High-performance, durable foam pads will normally last 2 to 4 times longer than any pads are currently available.

High Performance, tear-resistant, long
lasting foam.

Can be used with a DA or Rotary


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