3D 5.5″ Light Purple Foam Cutting/Polishing Pad


3D’s most versatile High Definition pad. Once you try this exceptional pad, we are confident it will quickly become your “Go to” pad due to its unique cell structure. This foam is capable of filling every paint correction gap between heavy cutting and finest finish. As the pad starts to work it begins to soften, almost instantly, increasing the workable surface
area and providing a balanced feel, pushing the desired chemical to its limits. Whether your preference is a dual action polisher or a rotary, you will instantly notice the pads performance, cutting time, and providing the desired High Definition finish.


3D 5.5″ Light Purple Foam Cutting/Polishing Pad

High-performance, durable foam pads will normally last 2 to 4 times longer than any pads are currently available.

High Performance, tear-resistant, long-lasting foam.

Can be Used with a DA or Rotary



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