3D Express Wax 24 oz


This one-step liquid wax will give shine and protection and leave no powder residue or streaking.  Express wax can even be used on semi-wet cars in direct sun


3D Express Wax 24 oz

3D Express Wax is the simplest way to seal your car of harmful pollutants all while providing incredible gloss and surface slickness. Use 3D Express Wax to restore gloss to single-stage or clear coat paints by replenishing the surface with hydrating oils. This fast wax can be used on paint, glass, lights, and wheels to produce an invisible protective barrier. You can even think of it as a booster for your existing wax or sealant, but it can also be used as a stand-alone protectant. This convenient wax is safe for trim.  Contains special polymer abrasives that can also hide some swirl marks and light scratches.


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