3D Grand Blast 1 gal


GRAND BLAST is a heavy duty degreaser that is dilatable at different rates to adjust its power for different types of cleaning and degreasing. GRAND BLAST is intended to be used by detailers to clean under the hood and in similar heavy grease and oil deposit areas.


3D Grand Blast 1 gallon

GRAND BLAST is so powerful that it is also used by  repair mechanics that want to clean the engine or axle area of grease and dirt before making repairs.  You will not find a more powerful degreaser that is still safe to use at a dilution of 4:1 all the way to 10:1.  This degreaser would be extremely helpful if you have to clean up sticky and gunky parts like carburetors. You can order our pre-labeled 32oz. OSHA approved bottle to make dilution easier. The sprayer is sold separately.  GRAND SLAM is best used by spraying it on the engine; let it sit for a minute or two then blow the engine off with a blaster or compressed air.  You can even use a leaf blower.  Then spray the engine with waterless car wash; blow it off again and then wipe the exposed areas.  You can follow up with a protective dressing like NON SILICONE DRESSINGHD DRESSING, or ULTRA PROTECTANT


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