3D New Car Scent 16 oz


3D New Car Scent will provide you with a scent that will bring you back to the day you bought your vehicle! Let’s be honest, there is no better smell than that of a brand new car with 0 on the odometer, but that smell does not last long. With this air freshener, you can bring back that desired smell in only a few sprays! Most air fresheners last a day or two, but 3D air fresheners last much longer.


3D New Car Scent 16 oz

Simply spray it inside your vehicle to get that new car aroma and you can spray it directly on carpets or wipe it on the interior. Best of all it helps break down bacteria that may be causing foul odors. It eliminates bad odors while filling your car or home with a delightful smell. When it wears away, spray more. There are thousands of applications in one bottle so you will never be shorted from great smells! Make your vehicle smell like new with the 3D New Car Scent


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