3D Orange Degreaser 1 gal


Orange Degreaser is an interior and exterior organic cleaner made with a natural organic citrus called D-limonene oil that helps remove tough stains, grease, oil, dirt and odors. This is the ultimate cleaner that is excellent for automotive, janitorial and home use. Orange Degreaser is VOC compliant, Green and Biodegradable. This product works great with a hand brush or a microfiber towel.


3D Orange Degreaser 1 gallon

Orange Degreaser can be diluted 4 to 1 for the full strength exterior cleaning degreaser and 10 to 1 for a lighter duty interior cleaning degreaser. Spray lightly covering any surface like carpets and fabrics seats and scrub with a brush or spray a microfiber towel wipe down your dashboards, steering wheels, door panels, and leather or vinyl seats. Since this product is a degreaser, be sure to completely remove it from any surface where it was applied. You can use a damp microfiber towel and then wipe surfaces dry with a clean dry cloth. Restore moisture and re-condition leathers, vinyl, and plastics with 3D LVP Conditioner.


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