3D Red Foam Applicator – 3 Pack


HD Car Care’s exclusive closed cell red foam applicator pad is extremely soft yet durable. When applying wax or sealants, it is critical to not cause marring to your freshly polished finish. 


3D Red Foam Applicator – 3 Pack

HD closed-cell red Foam applicator pads offer a “rolled edge” design allowing the safest and trouble-free application possible.  The close cell design has microscopic pockets within the foam’s structure that allow your liquids to capsulate within the outermost layer; greatly minimizing oversaturation into the pad. This means that the liquids remain outside of the pad rather than getting absorbed into it equating to less product used. Soft yet stable design and 100% machine are washable.

Professional Tip: After using your HD closed-cell red foam applicator pad, try spritzing HD TOTAL onto the pad’s surface and gently massage with either your hand or by brush. This will break up any spent liquid to help with cleaning.


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