3D Speed Dressing 16 oz


3D Speed Dressing easily rejuvenates neglected rubber and plastic surfaces to bring back that the like new gloss that faded away! The simple wipe on, wipe off application delivers a glossy appearance that has no greasy aftermath. You won’t have to worry about sling either. The thick formulation of 3D Speed Dressing dries to the touch and will not attach dust. 3D Speed Dressing applies easily to a clean surface with you preferred choice of brush or applicator.


3D Speed Dressing 16 oz


  • For best performance on tires, clean with 3D Yellow Degreaser.

  • As this is a thick formula, it is recommended to apply the dressing onto a sponge applicator or a brush.

  • Spread on to the desired surface

  • For long lasting “high shine” on tires, DO NOT dilute.

  • This product dries to a non-tacky, smooth, glossy finish that prevents dust collection.

16 oz.


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