3D Towel Kleen 1 Gal


3D Towel Kleen™ is a lemon scented, powerful, “low foam” laundry machine soap specifically designed to tackle the unique tasks of cleaning towels used in an auto detailing environment. Unlike powdered soaps, this liquid detergent flushes completely from your fabrics and will not retain residue within the towel fibers. This will ultimately eliminate streaking on windows, paintwork, or anywhere else a bare surface is desired and will also extend the towel life while maintaining its plushness. 100% safe and formulated to be used with all Microfiber, Cotton, and even Foam & Wool.


3D Towel Kleen 1 Gal

Towel Kleen can be used in all automotive cleaning environments including detail shops, car washes, dealerships, body shops, or even by enthusiast detailers who are looking for the ultimate solution for clean towels. Works great in conventional front and top-loading residential as well as commercial washing machines. After using this liquid detergent, you will notice your towels remaining soft and fluffy while lasting longer than ever before. You’ll even be amazed at the transformation it can do on your older worn towels.


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