3D Ultra Protectant 16 oz


3D Ultra Protectant make detailing your interior rubber and vinyl easy and fast. The finish you’ll get out of 3D Ultra Protectant will have you enjoying the interior of your car for more that just liking how your car drives! 3D Ultra Protectant does not finish with a greasy feel that some other interior protectants do. Applying 3D Ultra Protectant is easy and fast thanks to the spray-on formula. 3D Ultra Protectant will stay on the surface for a long time, providing your interior with durable UV protection to prevent fading and cracking!


3D Ultra Protectant 16 oz

There is no reason that you should avoid detailing the interior of your car, especially since it is where you spend most of the time while you’re driving. Your interior’s rubber and vinyl are usually the most sensitive interior surfaces. This is due to how they are affected by the harmful UV ray that will often bare down on them from the windshield. 3D Ultra Protectant will provide these surfaces with the vital protection from these harmful UV rays to keep them looking their best well into the future!


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